GT Giant Trevally 'the rock'

GT are THE ROCK (Dwayne Johnson) of sports fishing species as they never give up. How many times have you called the fish for a ‘horse’ and a 3kg GT coming to the net! How can a fish that size fight so hard? They offer the maximum amount of adrenalin as they are bullies, and they will beat just about any fish to the punch (popper). They are true street fighters as they fight hard and dirty. 

Heck, these fish can grow to over 70KG’s. You have a better chance of tossing a coin and getting 20 heads in a row than landing a 70kg plus monster GT. But that will not stop you from trying and indeed hoping for an encounter with one that big. The biggest GT I have ever seen was directly adjacent to the lodge on the Australian mainland side. I had a light casting outfit for small GT and Queenfish. I turned around just in time to watch a Sherman tank sized GT swim past. I did not even bother casting to it. I do not think that a tackle manufacturer has made anything that would have stopped the fish in the tight country that I was in.

There are not many fish in this ocean that you would not have a cast at and give yourself a decent chance. 

Luckily Albany Island is right smack bang in the middle of some of the best GT country on earth. Our backyard is 182 km wide of the amazing Great Barrier Reef… A couple of bommies there to have a crack at some big GT


Fighting Power
Hard & Harder 100%
Stamina & Endurance
They will test yours 100%
Catch & Release
To fight another day 100%
Get a photo
One for the pool room 100%

Albany island gt

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to target monster GT. 100 pound leaders and fishing rod blanks so tough that you could attach an axe handle to them might sound like hard work to you.

Luckily Albany Island has huge numbers of GT sitting well underneath the monster GT size category.

When where why & How

We operate Sportsfishing Charters from March through to December. If you look at a map of the east coast of Australia the very last island adjacent to mainland Australia… That’s us. We feel that dollar for dollar we are one of the best valued fishing locations in Australia. All you need to do is contact CYSF Fishing Adventures.

Albany island cape York GT

Let’s get GT happy Albany Island style. GT virtually hunt any bait fish and use their extreme speed to smash into their targets. At the speed they are often slightly off target and only stand their prey to then turn and return To smash them again. Insert your popper in the middle of that and it can be one of the most visually entertaining and adrenaline pumping moments in your fishing career.

You will ask yourself how did that monster possibly miss those chemically sharpened razor point hooks? Just as you are about to lose hope your popper is smashed again and this time it has corrected its accuraCYSF and off your popper and line go in the opposite direction. 

Probably the best bit of GT Fishing advice I have ever been given is to make sure I have plenty of water. A nice cold drink of water after tangling with a big GT is probably one of the most satisfying drinks of water you will have.

Those of you coming up to Albany Island to tangle with our GT on the long wand (Fly Fishing) make sure you pack an extra couple of litres of water each day. Fly Fishing for Coral Sea GT is a serious contact sport.



March through to December

Popper, fly fishing, jigging, stick baits to name a few

Group size:
Max of 8 

GT and more GT

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