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BIG gt don't just happen

BIG BAD GT do not just happen. Yes, in the movies (fishing shows) it looks like all you need to do is cast a large popper over some reef and SMASH BANG a few pan shots of them working the rod and then it’s photo time. Think how many poppers you have cast till you are exhausted, and then your guide tells you to keep going. That is what it takes to get the BIG GT. Think about those times that a fish of a lifetime has smashed your popper burned some line and then never to be seen or heard from again. The time that you could not turn the fish heading towards the reef edge. You know that as soon as it gets over the edge it’s going deep and that is the end of that BIG BAD GT fight for you, this time…  

Cape York GT Fighting Power
Hard & Harder 100%
Cape York GT Stamina & Endurance
They will test yours for days 100%
Cape York GT Catch & Release
We always look after big fish and release them no matter how long it takes 100%
Cape York GT photo quality
As good as they get 100%

Why so powerful

What makes GT superstar sports fish? That is like asking what made Jonah Lomu a superstar (I am an Aussie)? When you are built like that you are simply going to be almost unstoppable.  GT are build for POWER & SPEED + more POWER. They are designed to hit hard and fight hard and dirty.

CLients first Time

Just to the north of the island we were casting 125 gram slugs some tuna. There was some bait scattering close to the shore on our right. So we had a cast each at the bait and before we knew it line was burning from the reel. About five false starts later and a good 25 minutes (felt like 80) minutes we had a 30 kg big Albany Island GT at the boat . 

Albany Island Cape York BIG GT

We like to keep the group numbers small when specifically targeting BIG GT or indeed big fish or any kind. There is two types of fishing… Going out with your mates having a good time and then there is going out with your mates targeting Big Fish. The trick is to cover as much country as you possibly can and always be ready for a cast. Having your popper in the water as much as possible. 

Albany Island has directly to its east 182km of the Great Barrier Reef. This is the widest point of the Great Barrier Reef. Not in 1000 days of fishing could you even get close to discovering all of the different opportunities for a big fish. 

When targeting BIG fish there is no shooting fish in a barrel situation. Those that put in the hard work have the best opportunity for the ultimate reward. It’s not like dragging a lure over some rocks targeting big barramundi where everyone has a chance. If you’re not casting and working that Popper hard then the fish of a lifetime is not going to be yours. 

This is a specialised fishing adventure package. If we need to be on the water early then you will be up early. If you are buggered by 3 pm your guide will give you a Mars bar and tell you to harden up. This is not a fishing show this is a product where hard work will produce fish. 

You let us know what you want to target and we will put the package together for you.



March through to December

Popper, fly fishing, jigging, stick baits to name a few

Group size:
Max of 5 if you are serious about BIG fish. More cast for you