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Our key focus is on delivering the best hospitality and fishing experience of a lifetime. Charter groups can range in size according to how many fisherman would like to fish together in our boats. There can be 4 to a boat, 3 to a boat or 2 to a boat. There is bedding for up to 20 people, so plenty of room for you and all your mates. And bigger groups can be accommodated on request. Lodging is in a two-story building with magnificent views over the water that separates the island and the mainland. Bush walks and beach hikes on Albany Island are encouraged if you are not too tired before or after a day’s fishing.
Remote no longer means you are roughing it! Our guest house accommodates an individual or a group of up to 20 friends and family. You will feel right at home in our easy living accommodation.

Whether you prefer to spin, fly, or bait casting, numerous fishing options are available — this is the beauty of Cape York fishing. For starters, try the nearby rivers, creeks and estuary systems for barramundi. Cruise the flats and sight cast for a myriad of species in this remarkably productive ecosystem. Try reef and bottom bouncing for reds, coral trout, fingermark and jewies. Troll and cast for mackerel, tuna, queenfish and more. Cast poppers for gear-busting giant trevally.  Golden snapper, tarpon, red emperor and nannygai. So much fishing available you will struggle to choose and option.

Cape York Sports Fishing is located on Albany Island at almost the very northern tip of Australia in the Cape York Peninsula. Albany Island is isolated from the mainland and has its own private paradise surrounded by numerous fishing options. The island is approximately 5.5 kilometres in length and about 1-2 kilometres wide. Albany, indigenously known as Pabaju Island, lies within the Torres Strait and is therefore very rich in history and culture. Our staff will enjoy sharing some of this amazing history with you.

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Sportsfishing Packages

All of your meals included. They are prepared daily for you 100%
We take an order for you and have it waiting for you...on ice -- Non Alcoholic drinks included 100%
Fishing Gear
Good quality fishing gear supplied. You are more than welcome to take your own gear 100%
Do something special and let us organise a helicopter transfer for your fishing adventure 100%

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Drive to Cape York and Fish

Driving to cape york is on the bucket list of most adventurous australians and what better way to make that journey a trip of a lifetime than to come and stay on albany island and fish with us for 5 days , the best adventure imaginable .

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Heli Fishing Charters

For those of you with the heli fishing bug there are plenty of destinations around the cape you can fly to , spend a day from a seat with the best view imanginable and catch a few fish where nobody else can even dream of getting to

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Fly Fishing Charters

Albany island and the surrounding waters are fast becoming one of fly fishings prime destinations , our local flats fish include permit , golden trevally, queenfish and the spectacularly strong blue bastards , a specific species to the cape and a fly fishing challenge of a lifetime , come up and try holding onto one after hes taken your fly , see you soon and pack a 9 weight

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GT Fishing

If your up to the challenge and dare throw a popper at our local reef edges for these monsters you wont be dissapointed, these guys are the toughest fish around, cast your heart out and if you hook up one of these guys the battle will be a story you can tell your grandchildren about so come and fish with us

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Bluewater Sportsfishing

Our Bluewater fishing is second to none , all the reefs and islands around the tip of australia provide a perfect hiding place for baitfish as they escape the current generated by the arafura sea and the coral sea pouring back and forth through the torres staright , a piscatorial predators heaven . As every fisherman knows, find the bait find the fish , and there is bait everywhere. Spanish mackeral, barracuda , queenfish , cobia , giant trevally , longtail tuna , all of them tough eneough to turn your knuckles white holding onto that buckling rod for dear life so come and fish with us

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Shared Charters

Our shared charter option is a great option if you don’t have any mates who can come fishing at a time when you can go , there are other mad keen fishermen in the same boat , contact us and we will endeavour to link you up with great guys to fish with , its agreat way to meet fishos from all over australia and some life long freidships have been created right here fishing at albany so put your name down and come fish with us

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Exclusive Charters

Albany island resort can be all yours , you and your friends or family can be the sole inhabitants of this island paradise , you can book the whole island out for yourself or even a business rewards trip, shout all your best clients or staff to a trip of a lifetime , weve had birthday groups , bucks party groups , tackle testing groups , we can cater to any groups of friends or family keen to fish together with cape york sportsfishing and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the albany island resort

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Estuary Escape Adventure

With the Jacki Jacki and escape river systems close by you can get stuck into lure fishing for days and never cast at the same bank twice , one of the largest mangrove systems on the east coast of Australia and with nobody around to fish it except you and your closest mates , simply unreal fishing , so don’t wait , come fish with us

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Oysters Albany Island Style  Cape York Sports Fishing

Taste Adventure

Now to mention the food , we are right in the middle of the best seafood producing waters anywhere in the world , most australians never taste the seafood from up here , it goes out to be exported to all the best retaurants around the world , but at albany its right here on our doorstep we catch it and hand it over to the chef every day and what we don’t catch ourselves comes from our friendly nieghbours like the crayfish divers , getting hungry ? Come dine with us , our facilities are not 5 star but the seafood ingredients for our chefs creations are absolutly 5 star .

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